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Your organization is a target.

We can help identify threats and implement security controls to keep your data safe.

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Secure Development Life Cycle

Incorporate security into every stage of the development and operations pipeline. Building automated security tasks to enforce secure coding practices, security abuse cases, and functional security requirements, allows security to keep up with the accelerated pace of Agile and DevOps.

Penetration Testing

Discover vulnerabilities that could compromise your organization and your customer’s private data before the hacker’s. Penetration testing results help harden your infrastructure and applications, reducing the chance of a successful cyber-attack.

Secure DevOps

In the fast-paced world of application deployment, it’s so important to implement a system where development and operation teams work together to deploy quality and secure applications. Our expertise in this field can guide your organization to faster speeds so you can better service your customers.

Application Security Assessments

The first, foundational step to maintaining complete information security is in understanding your applications’ vulnerabilities, which can only be done by implementing thorough security assessments on all mobile, web, and Iot platforms and applications.

Our Philosophy

At Cypress Data Defense, we pride ourselves on our pragmatic and risk-based approach to security. We seek to assist our clients with “right-sizing” their security programs to the risks their organization faces and the risks they are willing to accept. We embrace a risk-based approach to our engagements with clients.

Rather than propose large complex projects with expensive tooling, we do a staged approach where different steps, methods, and tools are proven, without exposing our clients to potentially costly missteps. We also recognize that organizations can only successfully implement limited changes at any one time. This is why we encourage our clients to “level-up” their security. Making gradual changes that our clients can truly incorporate into their daily practices allow them to gradually develop into a more secure organization. It’s this approach that allows our clients to succeed with their security efforts. This core philosophy helps us achieve our main objective, to be your trusted security advisor.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Blue Compass engaged Cypress Data Defense to ensure our development process continues to be secure in this ever-changing landscape. Cypress Data Defense provided an implementation plan to our development and network people and after many conversations back-and-forth, we have a great security foundation. We look forward to working with Cypress Data Defense on additional plans in the future."

Alexander Marshall

"Working with Cypress Data Defense has been an absolute pleasure every step of the way. From their world class training to assistance with our Secure SDLC process to a thorough hybrid penetration test they helped us implement security every step of the way."

Mario Olson

"We ran our first ever PEN test with Cypress, who were recommended by a security expert that we knew. They provided a clear process, did a great assessment and helped us understand how we would remediate the issues that were raised. Three months later we had them re-test, and got the all clear. The clarity of their report helped us get there so quickly. We’ll keep using them as we scale."

Alberta Baldwin

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