Outsource Application Security: Should You Consider It?

Outsourcing application security has become a popular option among organizations globally. With data breaches becoming more common, companies risk losing sensitive data that could impact their business on a large scale affecting their integrity, brand reputation, market value, and customer relationships.

Moreover, today’s applications are often connected to various networks, systems, and end-users, so it’s imperative that organizations ensure robust application security. However, with increasing customer demands and shorter release timelines, companies often struggle to maintain the security of their applications.

Who Should Consider Outsourcing Application Security?

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that have limited budgets for their cybersecurity often do not have the bandwidth to adequately perform cybersecurity functions while hiring skilled but expensive security professionals.

It becomes simply too much for them to handle. Which is why outsourcing application security becomes an easy and necessary part of many businesses.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business and looking to scale, outsourcing security can be of great help. It not only brings down the overall expense of your projects but also improves the quality of your product and services.

A survey found that organizations are already demonstrating their inclination towards outsourcing security to help navigate the cybersecurity landscape. Nearly 14% of total respondents say they outsource more than 50% of their cybersecurity operations. On the other hand, about 65% CISOs say they outsource nearly 21% to 30% of their cybersecurity operations.

Why Should You Outsource Application Security?

If you’re wondering whether or not outsourcing application security is a good idea, here are a few reasons why you should consider it:


Today, companies are expected to continuously roll out better products and services in the market to keep pace with increasing customer demands. Often, companies rush through the development process and may overlook the importance of security when they roll out updates, which could harm a lot of their customers as well as other stakeholders.

It’s best to outsource your IT security to meet your deadlines without having to put additional pressure on your development team or risking your data.

Outsourced security experts can provide near real-time cybersecurity support. It also allows you to gain a much more granular and in-depth level of security monitoring and get insights into what your security posture looks like.

Once you have engaged with an outsourced security service team, they can be available as needed (depending on the contract) and help you with different phases of the project while maintaining security.

Industry Expertise

Outsourcing cybersecurity professionals is an excellent idea, given they have the necessary experience and skills to handle organizational data and system security. This means that you don’t have to provide them with regular training like your in-house employees, and can rely on their expertise.

Also, since these security service providers work with different businesses, they experience considerably more security vulnerabilities and threats as compared to an in-house security team member who works just within your organization.

For instance, Cypress Data Defense has worked with multiple companies around the globe and addressed tens and hundreds of different vulnerabilities including malware, trojans, phishing, BYOD, AI-powered threats, etc. We know exactly what the possible threats are and how to effectively deal with them without disrupting your routine business activities.

Affordable Cost

If you are looking to hire cybersecurity professionals full-time, you’ll find that it’s quite an expensive option. The last thing you want is to hire low-skilled or experienced workers to cut costs when it comes to cybersecurity.

Combine this with the scarcity of skilled professionals and you can imagine how much you will be paying if you want an in-house experienced security service professional working with you.

Fortunately, many security service providers offer managed services at affordable costs while taking away the hassles of hiring, administering, monitoring, and potentially even housing those employees.

Furthermore, third-party providers have the requisite resources to work with the latest tools and technologies to ensure your organization’s data is safe and secure. This can potentially help you save a lot of money.


Since managed security service providers aim for long, recurring contracts and business partnerships, they are likely to perform their work effectively and quickly.

Better quality security testing means better services, which might lead to more referrals and brand advocacy for your company. On the other hand, you have to monitor your in-house employees continuously which can be pretty daunting.

In a nutshell, while outsourcing, you can be assured that the security team has the caliber available to cater to your organization and its cybersecurity needs.

Dedicated and Skilled Security Service Providers

The cybersecurity skills shortage is plaguing the business world. In fact, a report suggests that cybersecurity talent shortage will lead to 3.5 unfulfilled positions by 2021. However, by outsourcing your cybersecurity, you have a dedicated team of expert security professionals to ensure that your organization and its data is secure.

At Cypress Data Defense, we routinely train security teams on application security; we are the security service providers for your team.

We firmly believe that there’s no one single solution that can safeguard your organization from cyberattacks, therefore, we invest a lot of time and effort into coming up with customized security solutions that are just perfect for your organization.

Focus More on Your Business

As your business grows, your needs for cybersecurity will grow as well. You may also require additional support to strengthen your cybersecurity policies and protect confidential data. This is where outsourcing cybersecurity can help as it can ease the transition process as your company expands and scales.

If your business is secure and you have outsourced your cybersecurity, you can focus more on your core business. You can leave the cybersecurity component to the outsourced security service providers, while you take care of the core operations or development phase.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing security testing is a great idea considering you want to stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity practices and safeguard your organization against emerging threats. Instead of spending time and resources on identifying your needs, hiring skilled professionals, training, and monitoring them, you can simply let an experienced security team handle it all.

At Cypress Data Defense, we have become the application security team for a number of companies, and we can be your security team too.


Cypress Data Defense was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices across the United States. Our goal is to help organizations secure their IT development and operations using a pragmatic, risk-based approach. The diverse background of our founders allows us to apply security controls to governance, networks, and applications across the enterprise.

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