Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities and How to Mitigate Them

With the rapid adoption and increased mobile app usage globally, it shouldn’t be a surprise that hackers are increasingly targeting mobile apps. A report found that 1 in every 36 mobile devices has high-risk apps installed.

These insecure apps could lead to severe data breaches and have devastating consequences for both the user and the organization.

Integrating mobile app security into your cybersecurity strategy is important to protect your users and the trust they have established. A single data breach compromising their personal data could be detrimental to your relationship with them. This could not only affect your customer retention rate, but also impact your acquisition rates, sales, and finally revenue.

To get a better understanding of what the top mobile app security vulnerabilities are that exist today and how can you mitigate them, check out the infographic below:

mobile app security vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them infographic