Cypress Data Defense

Secure SDLC Scorecard

Ready to Level UP your security? Curious about where your company places on the scoreboard? Take our quick quiz to see how you stack up against the competition, and make sure you aren’t a total n00b (even if you are, we’ll show you a couple of pro moves to help you gain experience points)!


How often do you use an automated static scanner like Puma Scan, Checkmarx, Veracode, or Fortify in your SDLC?

How often do you use an automated dynamic scanner like AppScan, WebInspect, Whitehat, etc.?

How often do you perform manual dynamic reviews?

How often do you perform manual static reviews?

Do you have a Security Champion program?
Do you have an in-house application security specialist who regularly assists throughout the SDLC?
How often is your development team trained in Secure Application architecture, design and development?

How often do you hold refresher courses?

How often do you conduct threat modeling?