Our Philosophy

At Cypress Data Defense, we pride ourselves on our pragmatic and risk-based approach to security.  We seek to assist our clients with “right-sizing” their security programs to the risks their organization faces and the risks the executives and boards are willing to accept.We embrace a risk-based approach to our engagements with our clients.  Rather than propose large complex projects with expensive tooling, we would rather do a staged approach where different steps, methods, and tools are proven without exposing our clients to potentially costly missteps.We also recognize that organizations can only successfully implement limited changes at any one time  and this is why we encourage our clients to gradually "level-up" their security. Making gradual changes that our clients can truly incorporate into their daily practices allow them to gradually develop into a more secure organization. It is this pragmatic risk based approach that allows our clients to succeed with their security efforts.With this approach, we reach what we want to be with our clients, their trusted security advisor.