Manual Testing is a Vital Component of Securing an Application

Why Manual Testing is Vital for Your Application’s Security In the world of Information Technology, maintaining adequate application security is just as important as developing a functional software application that fulfills its requirements. As both end-users and executives become more acutely aware of major cybersecurity threats surrounding applications, engineers are beginning to implement more security […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Security Team

A Rundown of the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Security Team In this age of complicated IT corporate infrastructures, one of the primary decisions that a security-aware IT executive has to make is whether to build and train an in-house security team, or leverage the abilities and expertise of an outsourced security group. This all-important decision […]

Why Application Security Testers Should Have Developed Apps Before

Why You Want App Security Testers That Are Former Developers Successful security testing of an application during the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is best accomplished if the tester has intimate knowledge of how software is designed, the intricacies of software engineering, methodologies, and processes. This knowledge allows a security engineer to better understand how […]