Data Security Regulations and Compliance

Legislation, Rules and Regulations Relating to Data Security Businesses of all sizes may be regulated by a myriad of different federal laws. It is important for executives to be knowledgeable and understand their responsibilities to remain in compliance with each applicable regulation. Some of the major legislations pertaining to companies include the Payment Card Industry […]

Tracking and Measuring Security Technical Debt

Assessing and Measuring Your Security Based Technical Debt Technical debt has become a normal part of software engineering industries and is a well-known issue plaguing software applications, IT infrastructures and IT architectures alike. Technical debt often results in costly and serious security vulnerabilities being hard-coded into applications and IT systems. Due to limited time constraints […]

Matching Your SDLC Model To The Best Security Processes

Making Your Existing Software Development Life Cycle More Secure The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) provides software development teams with a set of guidelines (or a model) composed of phases to follow during a project. Anyone working in software security knows that security is traditionally an afterthought in this process. This has led to the rising […]