Information Assurance at Iowa State

Many years (more than I’m willing to admit) have passed since my undergraduate days in Ames and my time as a distance ed graduate student living in Las Vegas. Marriage, my first child, and other life changing events brought the family and I full circle back home to Des Moines last year. Minus the winter […]

Steve Kosten and Eric Johnson teaching SANS 541 at Reston VA March 9th-12th

Steve Kosten and Eric Johnson will be teaching SANS DEV541: Secure Coding in Java/JEE: Developing Defensible Applications ( from March 9th-12th in Reston, VA.  Please come to the class and learn about developing secure Java applications!!    

Why Should We Care about Certificate Pinning  (Part 1)

Certificate pinning addresses the trust we have in Certificate Authorities (CA’s).  With public key cryptography, when Alice wants to communicate over an encrypted channel with Bob, Alice must access Bob’s public key.  She then encrypts her message with Bob’s public key and sends the message. Bob is then able to decrypt the message using his […]